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2020 GHI Election Results

2020 GHI ELECTION RESULTSThe results will be certified at the November 5th Board Meeting (Asterisk indicates elected to office). BOARD OF DIRECTORS: 4 vacancies, 2-year terms 259 Zoe Carter-Woodbridge* 256 Deborah McKinley* 254 Stefan Brodd* 244 Ed...
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Candidates for the 2020 GHI Election

Candidates for the 2020 GHI Election                          Greenbelt Homes, Inc.IN ACCORDANCE WITH ARTICLE IV, Section 8a, of the Cooperative's Bylaws, notice is hereby given that the Nominations and Elections Committee has nominated the...
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2020 Annual Meeting Packet

2020 Annual Meeting Packet Greenbelt Homes, Inc. is excited to host our first hybrid virtual and in-person annual membership meeting on Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 7:30 pm via Zoom, and at the Greenbelt Youth Center located at 99 Centerway Drive...
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Emergency Contact Update

Emergency Contact Update   It’s that time again! As time passes, members change their email addresses, phone numbers and on occasion their names. It is extremely important that GHI has updated records to contact members routinely and during...
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GHI Member-to-Member COVID-19 Relief Fund

GHI Member-to-Member COVID-19 Relief Fund We’re a cooperative. Let’s cooperate! The COVID-19 financial crisis has hit some of our members hard. Some of us are in a position to help our neighbors. Let’s pass the hat to pay down member co-op fees...
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