2018 Election Results

Release Date: 
May 14, 2018

GHI 2018 Election Results


Board of Directors (2 year terms):

Tami Watkins* (178 votes)
Stephen Holland* (171 votes)
Stefan Brodd* (166 votes)
Ed James* (160 votes)

Audit Committee (1 year term):

Molly Lester* (147 votes)
Henry Haslinger* (142 votes)
Carol Griffith* (106)
Deborah McKinley (100 votes)
Diana McFadden (79 votes)

Nominations & Elections Committee (1 year term):

Alex Barnes*
Theresa Henderson*
Tom Jones*
Therese Kucera*
Mary Salemme*

*Indicates those elected to office. Election will be certified at the May 17th Board of Directors' meeting.