2019 Election Results

Release Date: 
May 14, 2019

GHI 2019 Election Results

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (2 year terms):

Sue Ready* (133 votes)

Steve Skolnik* (131 votes)

Anna Socrates* (131 votes)

Chuck Hess* (126 votes)

William Jones* (124 votes)

AUDIT COMMITTEE (1 year term):

Lindsay McAndrew* (147 votes)

Carol Griffith* (140 votes)

Joyce Campbell* (135 votes)


Alexander Barnes*                           

Theresa Henderson*

Tom Jones* 

Luisa F. Robles*

Mary Salemme*

* Indicates those elected to office. 157 ballots were cast in the Board & Audit Committee election; none were disqualified. These included 3 proxy ballots and 3 absentee ballots.

Election results will be certified at the May 16th Board of Directors' meeting. Thanks to all the candidates and GHI members who came out and voted!