2020 GHI Election Results

Release Date: 
Nov 02, 2020

The results will be certified at the November 5th Board Meeting (Asterisk indicates elected to office).

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: 4 vacancies, 2-year terms

259 Zoe Carter-Woodbridge*

256 Deborah McKinley*

254 Stefan Brodd*

244 Ed James*

AUDIT COMMITTEE: 3 vacancies, 1-year terms

265 Kathleen McNamara*

257 Sam Lee*

254 Christopher Carbone*

NOMINATIONS & ELECTIONS COMMITTEE: elected by acclamation at the annual meeting to 1-year terms

Dan Gillotte*

Theresa R. Henderson*

Tom Jones*

Luisa F. Robles*

Mary Salemme*

291 ballots were cast, none were disqualified: 3 paper ballots were cast in person at the Youth Center Thursday,

277 electronic votes were cast online,

10 paper ballots were cast in person at GHI Friday.
1 absentee ballot

0 proxy ballots

The Nominations & Elections Committee thanks everyone who voted in this year's socially-distanced election.