2023 GHI Election Results

Release Date: 
May 15, 2023

Asterisk indicates elected to office

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: 5 vacancies: 2-year terms

198 Philip Larkin*

196 Sabrina A. Baron*

189 Chuck Hess*

182 Nancy Boyd*

162 Paul Kapfer*

134 Zachary Conron

122 Claudia Jones

AUDIT COMMITTEE: 3 vacancies, 1-year terms

246 David Benack*

233 Bill Jones*

NOMINATIONS & ELECTIONS COMMITTEE were also elected by acclamation at the annual meeting to 1-year terms

Dan Gillotte*

Theresa R. Henderson*

Tom Jones*

Joe Ralbovsky*

Luisa F. Robles*

305 total ballots were cast (0 were disqualified)

11 paper ballots were cast in person at the Youth Center Thursday,

248 electronic votes were cast online,

42 paper ballots were cast in person at GHI Friday.

2 absentee ballots

2 proxy ballots

Thanks to all the candidates and GHI members who voted!

Tom Jones,

GHI Nominations and Elections Committee Chair