Addition Maintenance Task Force

  • Review the  Addition Maintenance Program and recommend Replacement life assumptions for windows, siding, and doors and criteria for crawlspace improvements to additions on the addition maintenance program that would guide a reserve advisor in determining the amount of contributions to be collected from members.
  • To recommend if a policy should be created for bringing additions not currently enrolled on the addition maintenance program into the program, and if so what criteria should be used by a reserve advisor to determine the contributions that those members should make towards the future replacement of components on those additions.
  • To alter the charter of this task force to look into the matter of how to bring in the remaining 'grandfathered' additions that are not yet in the Addition Maintenance Program.  The Board having consulted with our attorney, and he having given counsel that under GHI's operating documents it is legal and possible for the membership to require such a change, the Board wishes this task force to consider and devise a plan that would result in ALL additions in GHI being in the Program within a designated time frame.
  • To recommend incentives that should be offered to encourage members to bring their additions onto the program.
  • To recommend a
  •  fee structure whereby members enrolling additions into the AMP would make catch-up contributions toward future repairs of items besides windows, roofs, baseboard heaters, siding and doors.
Opportunites for Member Involvement: 
  • Diana McFadden (Chair)
  • Chuck Hess
  • Jim Cooney
  • Anna Socrates
  • Tom Sporney, (Staff liaison)