Administration Building Security Task Force


The Administration Building Security Task Force was created to investigate and consider how best to address issues related to the physical security and workplace safety of GHI staff and members in and around the GHI administration building, outbuilding, and yard areas on Hamilton Place.

Major Activities: 
  • Designating a security team of employees with training for incident responses.  Perhaps get them trained by City police or CERT.  The Green Book has procedures to deal with security situations.  De-escalation techniques should be part of any training.
  • Controlled access to parts of building
  • Yard gates should be secured
  • Video monitoring system 
  • Physical barrier at reception window
  • Expand access control to workshop and shops and tighten up the perimeter
  • Improve lighting
  • Consider controlling access to the building during Board meetings
  • Ask police to keep a car in parking lot
  • Steve Skolnik
  • Stephen Holland
  • Eldon Ralph
  • Roger Bonifacio, (Staff liaison)