Bicycle Committee

The Bicycle Committee was formed to review existing bicycling infrastructure in GHI and recommend improvements.

  • Identify members' interest in bicycle use in GHI.
  • Identify barriers to bicycle use in GHI and recommend actions to reduce/eliminate these.
  • Review existing bicycle use and infrastructure in GHI and recommend improvements.
  • Design and implement programs to increase bicycling awareness and education in GHI.
  • Work to strengthen and build coalitions to improve bicycle awareness and use with city government, other community organizations, and bicycle advocacy groups.
Major Activities: 

The Committee will submit written reports, anually at a minimum, to the Board of Directors reflecting activities and accomplishments of the past year, and plans for the coming year.

  • Aileen Kroll, (Co-chair)
  • Alex Barnes (Co-chair)
  • Mary Salemme
  • Carolyn LeaMond
  • John Campanile
  • Tami Watkins (Board liaison)
  • Bruce Mangum (Staff Liaison)