Can You Help Keep Down Your Coop Fee? Yes!

Did you know that your dollars are spent cleaning up yard debris, trash and junk put in the common areas and entrances to courts? Yes, GHI staff spends 80-100 hours a year cleaning what some of your neighbors dispose of improperly. That amounts to between $1,754 and $2,193. That doesn't sound like a lot of money when spread over 1600 units, but the time they spend doing that, they aren't doing their normal jobs.

We have great pickup services from the City of Greenbelt. Call 301-474-8004 for yard waste and junk. They will take your yard waste on Fridays, miscellaneous junk and wood on your normal trash day and metal on Fridays. You need to call and tell the public works staff what items you require them to take. They can tell you any specific requirements for disposing of your junk. For example you may need to take apart some items, while others can be left whole and wood should be no larger than four feet long.

Please remember that the areas outside of your yard belong to all of us, the members of GHI. We wouldn't want someone to dump their yard waste or junk in our yards, so let's not dump it anywhere it doesn't belong. Please dispose of it properly.