Community Beautification Program Overview

History, Purpose and Vision
Program Overview
Inspection Process

We all have a part to play in making GHI an attractive community. Well-kept yards and common areas send the message, "welcome to our community, we love it here and take pride in our surroundings and our cooperative."

GHI is committed to maintaining the condition and appearance of our common areas. We need all members to help show care for personal yard areas as well. Please take the time and pride to assure that your yard meets (or exceeds) GHI's minimum standards.

History, Purpose and Vision

At the annual membership meeting in 1983 a petition submitted by members seeking enforcement of regulations regarding the upkeep of yard areas, called for "the Board of Directors and Management to enforce existing regulations concerning the minimum upkeep of members yards, i.e.. hedges, grass, leaves, trash, animal odors, etc." The Community Beautification Program is how this mandate is fullfilled. The Board's vision is to work with the membership to make our community even better.

Program Overview

The Community Beautification program's primary aim is to beautify our community by requiring members to comply with the minimum yard maintenance standards in the member handbook. Starting in mid-May, the Community Beautification Inspector will visit each member's yard and leave an inspection report on the door knob of the service side entrance. No advance notice of inspections will be given.

Inspection Process

  • First Inspections: All homes, will be inspected.

    • PASSED yards require no additional inspection.
    • NEEDS SOME WORK yards did not meet minimum exterior maintenance standards and require member actions to reach those standards. The inspection form will note necessary deficiencies to correct and a 'correct by' date. Units will be subject to secondary inspection.

  • Secondary Inspections

    • AFTER 24 HOURS: Pet Feces ONLY
      Members are required to clean pet feces from yards on a daily basis. Excessive pet waste is a Greenbelt City Code public health violation that requires immediate attention. If pet waste is not removed, GHI will clean the yard and bill the member accordingly.  $100 minimum charge will apply.
    • AFTER 7 DAYS: Tall Grass Height ONLY
      Grass height exceeding 8 inches is a Greenbelt City Code violation. Yards with tall grass will be inspected again in 7 calendar days. If the grass is not cut on the 8th day, a GHI employee will mow the grass without further notice and bill the member $65 per man-hour. One hour minimum.
    • AFTER 30 DAYS: All other citations
      If cited deficiencies are not corrected by this time, the violation will be referred to Fee-for-Service for correction by GHI staff. Members will be billed at a rate of $65 per man-hour.  One hour minimum.
    • Questions and requests for clarification should be directed to GHI Community Beautification Hotline 301-474-4161, ext. 139

"We are the keepers of our property, and we have the right to expect that all of us will act responsibly to protect and care for that which each own and treasure together."