County Fencing Regulations

Prince George's County
Homeowner's Guide to Permits

Fence CodesFences are constructed for a variety of reasons. They are generally used to restrict the movement of people and animals into or out of a parcel of land. Often they are placed to denote boundaries, delineate specific-use areas, provide privacy or for aesthetic reasons. Common fence types are split rail, picket, board on board or chain link.

Fences may not (be placed so as to) encroach on easements of any kind of State of County rights-of-way. If you are on a corner lot, you may not locate a fence within 25 feet of the point of intersection of your property lines that abut the streets. {ed.note: see PGC §27-421, and further explanation & figure below, from Anne Arundel County handbook} Barbed or razor wire is not permissible in conjunction with residential zones.

To place a fence over four feet high on your lot, you must apply for a building permit and submit site plans showing proposed fence location(s) including well and/or septic (if applicable). Structural plans are not required for fence erections. If you are located in a subdivision with a Homeowner's Association (HOA), a separate approval from the HOA may be necessary. Unless erected by the homeowner, all home improvement projects require a contractor who is licensed with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission.