Courts Selected for H.I.P. Work During 2016

Release Date: 
Jul 20, 2015

Courts Selected for H.I.P. Work During 2016


The list of courts selected for HIP work in 2016 is below. Since the proposed duration of the Homes Improvement Program is 5 years from 2016 to 2020, installation of new windows, doors, siding, baseboard heaters and optional improvements selected by members will be scheduled for approximately 1/5th of frame and masonry homes during each year from 2016 to 2020. GHI employed the following process to select the homes to be worked on during 2016:

Courts were grouped into 3 categories – frame, block and brick units.

    1. Courts in each category (frame, block and brick) were assigned a number using a random function in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The first 1/5th of the courts in each category that obtained the lowest random numbers were selected for work in 2016.
    2. To ensure greater work efficiency, all homes in a selected court will receive improvements, except those homes that already received improvements during the pilot program.

    Crawlspace improvements will be done during 2016 along with the installation of new windows, doors, siding and baseboard heaters in the brick and block buildings that were selected. Because of concerns about the use of spray foam insulation, GHI is currently installing a partially conditioned crawlspace configuration (that does not involve the use of spray foam insulation) in two rows of frame homes. This work will be completed during the 3rd quarter of 2015. The Homes Innovation Research Labs will monitor temperatures, humidity levels and air leakage between the homes and crawlspaces for one year after the work is completed. Hence, the process for scheduling crawlspace improvements for frame homes will be determined after the frame home crawlspace test project is completed in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

    In order to develop bid specifications for the work to be performed in 2016, staff has begun visiting homes and additions within the selected courts to take inventories of exterior components such as windows, doors and siding that must be replaced. Staff will also submit a questionnaire to members in the selected courts to list the opt-in choices they would like GHI to install. Thereafter, staff will take inventories of baseboard heaters and other interior features related to opt-in choices. Staff welcomes the members’ cooperation in returning completed questionnaires promptly and allowing interior access to selected units during this phase of gathering information for the preparation of bid specifications.

    Courts Selected for Homes Improvement Project (HIP) Work During 2016
    (*Courts with asterisks have both brick and block units)




    11 Ct Hillside Rd

    5 Ct Crescent Rd

    2 Ct Eastway

    12 Ct Hillside Rd

    6 Ct Crescent Rd

    3 Ct Eastway

    22 Ct Hillside Rd

    1 Ct Eastway

    3 Ct Crescent Rd

    7 Ct Laurel Hill

    1 Ct Gardenway*

    1 Ct Gardenway*

    8 Ct Laurel Hill

    2 Ct Hillside Rd

    33 Ct Ridge Rd*

    11 Ct  Laurel Hill

    9 Ct Ridge Rd

    39 Ct Ridge Rd

    12 Ct Laurel Hill

    33 Ct Ridge Rd*

    47 Ct Ridge Rd

    3 Ct Plateau Place

    35 Ct Ridge Rd

    5 Ct Plateau Place

    2 Ct Westway

    6 Ct Research Rd

    20 Ct Ridge Rd

    24 Ct Ridge Rd

    36 Ct Ridge Rd

    58 Ct Ridge Rd

    59 Ct Ridge Rd

    9 Ct Southway

    10 Ct Southway