Courts Selected for H.I.P. Work During 2018

Courts Selected for H.I.P. Work During 2018

The list of courts selected for HIP work in 2018 is below. Since the proposed duration of the Homes Improvement Program is 5 years from 2016 to 2020, installation of new windows, doors, siding, baseboard heaters and optional improvements selected by members will be scheduled for approximately 1/5th of frame and masonry homes during each year from 2016 to 2020. GHI employed the following process to select the homes to be worked on during 2018:

Courts were grouped into 3 categories – frame, block and brick units.

A. Courts in each category (frame, block and brick) were assigned a number using a random function in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The first 1/5th of the courts in each category that obtained the lowest random numbers were selected for work in 2016.

B. To ensure greater work efficiency, all homes in a selected court will receive improvements, except those homes that already received improvements during the pilot program.

Crawlspace improvements in masonry crawlspaces will begin in 2018 along with the installation of new windows, doors, siding and baseboard heaters in the brick and block buildings that were selected. Masonry crawlspace improvements include repair of existing wall insulation, insulated access doors, and a new ground vapor retarder.

Courts Selected for Homes Improvement Project (HIP) Work During 2018
(*Courts with asterisks have a mix of frame, brick, or block units)




Hillside 13 

Crescent 62

Crescent 4 (A-D)

Hillside 20 

Hillside 6 

Ridge 23 

Laurel Hill 3

Northway 2 

Ridge 26 

Plateau 1 

Ridge 17 

Ridge 27 

Plateau 10 

Ridge 18*

Ridge 28

Plateau 2

Southway 4

Ridge 29

Plateau 8


Ridge 30

Ridge 12


Ridge 41

Ridge 18*


Ridge 5

Ridge 38



Ridge 53



Ridge 73



Southway 7