GHI Needs You!

Release Date: 
Mar 23, 2021

GHI Needs You!

GHI Needs You! Our co-op depends on members like you to serve in elected office. For the 2021 election coming in May, we need candidates for the Board of Directors and Audit Committee. The Board of Directors manages GHI, and this year 5 of its 9 positions will be elected; we have 3 openings from board members stepping down. The Audit Committee is accountable to the membership as an independent voice monitoring the Board and GHI operations. You don't need special skills—just the ability to understand and make good decisions.  All 3 Audit positions are elected each year, and the commitment is less than serving on the Board. At this point, we expect 1 likely opening on the Audit Committee. This is an excellent year for members to bring their experience to GHI—and your co-op needs you!

The GHI Nominations & Elections Committee has received the following candidacy applications as of March 21:


 > None received yet, 2 expected


 > David Benack

 > 1 additional candidate expected

> Tom Jones 
> Terry Henderson 
> Dan Gillotte 
> 1 additional candidate expected

Please consider running for GHI Office. We need members to step forward, and your experience can help your community, your court, and your home.


For more information, see the 2021 Candidate Packet available for download here.


If you may be interested or have questions, please contact Nominations & Elections Chair, Tom Jones, at or 301-474-6001--or any other member of the N&E Committee: Dan Gillotte, Terry Henderson, Luisa Robles, or Mary Salemme.