GHI's Least Wanted: Prohibited Invasive Species


Members are encouraged to remove invasive species present their yard. Over time the problem plants on this list should be eradicated from member yards. Members shall not introduce any of these plants into their yard or garden area.

Ground Covers

English Ivy [Hedera helix] 
Periwinkle [Vinca major and minor] 
Wintercreeper [Euonymus fortunei]


Bush Honeysuckle [Lonicera spp.] 
Burning Bush [Euonymus alatus] 
Butterfly Bush [Buddleia davidii] 
Japanese and European Barberry [Berberis thunbergii and B. vulgaris] 
Japanese Spirea [Spiraea japonica] 
Multiflora Rose [Rosa multiflora] 
Privet [Ligustrum spp.] 
Wintercreeper [Euonymus fortunei]


Bradford Pear [Pyrus calleryana] 
English Holly [Ilex aquifolium] 
Norway Maple [Acer platanoides] 
Sycamore Maple [Acer pseudoplatanus] 
Tree of Heaven [Ailianthus altissima]


Chinese Wisteria [Wisteria sinensis] 
English Ivy [Hedera helix] 
Japanese Honeysuckle [Lonicera japonica] 
Japanese Wisteria [Wisteria floribunda] 
Kudzu [Pueraria lobata] 
Porcelain Berry [Ampelopsis brevipedunculata] 
Oriental Bittersweet [Celastrus orbiculatus]


Bamboo ["running" species ] 
Purple Loosestrife [Lythrum salicaria]