Greenbelt Historic District Guidelines - Draft February 2004

This is the Feb '04 draft version of the Greenbelt Historic District Guidelines (GHDG); this document was not adopted by GHI, but serves as historical reference for architectural preferences within the community.

from the opening paragraph:

These guidelines are designed to help property owners, residents, tenants, elected officials and reviewing authorities shape the course of proposals that would affect the exterior of a building or significant element of the landscape within the Greenbelt Historic District.  Not all sections of the guidelines apply to every project or applicant.  As a reference tool, the guidelines are organized around building types within the historic district and common project types.  For example, a property owner contemplating an addition to a unit in GHI need only consult those sections that apply to the particular housing type in question, and then the particular project at issue -- in the section on Single-family Attached Dwellings, and within the section on Architectural Features, there are guidelines on the construction of Decks.

Scroll down past the graphics for the link to the text version of the document, which does not have the graphics inserted.