Greenbelt Initiative on Policing

Release Date: 
May 25, 2022

Greenbelt Initiative on Policing 


Later this month and in June residents throughout Greenbelt will be asked to share their views and experiences on policing in Greenbelt as well as their opinion of their individual neighborhood’s public safety priorities via forums and an online survey.  A flyer detailing the initiative will be sent to you soon.

The purpose is to engage and learn from the views of as many residents as possible, especially Greenbelt residents who don't usually participate in these discussions and thus whose opinions aren't usually considered

GHI residents’ opinions on policing are important to us, including any specific neighborhood public safety concerns they may identify.

This initiative is sponsored by your neighbors serving on the city’s Public Safety Advisory Committee, Community Relations Advisory Board, Greenbelt Racial Equity Alliance and Connecting Across Greenbelt.

Residents’ views will be used as a foundation to understand what further work needs to be done to enhance public safety and improve trust and mutual respect between Greenbelt residents and law enforcement.

In addition to the ad, there are three flyers, one in English, the same flyer in Spanish and a third flyer highlighting the teen/young adult forum on June 18th, also in English.  

We encourage all members to complete the survey and attend a June forum.