Program Highlights for 2012

  • All inspections will be conducted in-house by GHI staff. The inspector will be wearing a GHI uniform and will carry identification authorizing him as a GHI employee.
  • Members will be subject to secondary inspections only if their yards do not meet minimum exterior maintenance standards.
  • Outstanding yards and courts will be publicly recognized and awarded.
  • Members will be subject to Fee-For-Service (FFS) charges of $60 per man-hour if problems are not corrected after secondary inspections.
  • Hedge Maintenance. GHI reminds members that they are responsible for pruning hedges back from sidewalks, parking lots, and court entrances. Members will be cited if hedges extend over sidewalks or otherwise block pedestrian or vehicular access. City Code also requires that all hedges growing at intersections not exceed 36". Both rules will be strictly enforced.
  • Yard Waste Dumping. Members are reminded that dumping of leaves, branches, and other debris into common areas, access lanes, or the woodlands is strictly prohibited. Members are required to bag their leaves in PAPER BAGS and bundle branches in four-foot lengths and place in the service side yard for pickup. The City of Greenbelt prohibits use of plastic bags for yard waste.
  • If lawn height exceeds 8 inches, a member has 7 days to correct the problem before FFS will automatically mow the yard and bill the member $60 per man hour.
  • "How To" Information sheets for beautifying GHI yards are available at the GHI Administrative offices and online.
  • GHI will provide technical support to members on yard issues as resources permit.
  • GHI staff will regularly monitor member yards throughout the year and issue citations to correct problems as necessary.

Questions and requests for clarification should be directed to

GHI Community Beautification Hotline
301-474-4161, ext. 139.



Invasive Plant Control
In 2003, the Board endorsed the Woodland Committee's five-year plan to eradicate non-native invasive plants that are harming our woodlands. In 2004, the Board of Directors required members to remove English Ivy from yard areas if it is climbing onto the home, sheds, and trees, or is spreading outside the yard boundary.

GHI will continue to enforce this requirement and encourages members to voluntarily remove all invasive plants from their yard. Members will be cited for ivy and bamboo that is spreading to structures, trees, and beyond yard boundaries. Members will be asked to correct this problem or face Fee-For-Service charges for GHI to remove or contain the plant. If ivy is maintained in well-kept beds or hedges and not spreading out of their yard area they will not be cited at this time.

The Board encourages all members to inventory their yards for invasive plants and proactively take steps to remove these plants and replace them with native alternatives. Eventually members will be asked to remove all invasives listed in the GHI handbook from their yards. Information on the problems caused by native plants, fact sheets on specific plants, and recommended native alternatives are available at the GHI reception area during normal business hours and online.

Ongoing rule compliance
Based on many member suggestions, GHI staff will monitor member yards throughout the year and notify members if their yard is out of compliance with GHI's minimum maintenance the member handbook. Staff will cite members of problems needing correction as necessary to maintain compliance as necessary.

Fee for Service
The Board has approved of a dedicated full time employee to handle Fee-for-Service requests for handyman tasks and yard work. This employee will primarily handle staff-generated work orders resulting from citations issued by the inspector. However, members can also request help with handyman tasks throughout the year as time permits at the rate of $45 per man-hour. Members who fail to meet the deadline given on their Community Beautification Report will be billed $60 per man hour to have Fee-for-Service perform the work.