HIP Year 5 Expansion (HIP Year 5+)


HIP Year 5 Expansion (HIP Year 5+)


(This announcement does NOT apply to those members whose homes will participate in the HIP in 2020. You will be contacted separately.)

If you like a HIP upgrade your neighbors installed and wish you had ordered that item too, or you purchased your unit after it received its HIP upgrades and would like to purchase additional items -- this is your chance. 

The HIP has been expanded so that select options are available for members whose homes participated in HIP in 2016, 2017, 2018, or 2019 and now want to install certain HIP upgrades. Items available to be ordered now are doors and storm doors, windows or siding for an addition, attic insulation, bathroom exhaust fan, and mini-split heat pumps, although certain limitations may apply.   

The opportunity to select new options is available only until December 6, 2019, but if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity please do so as early as possible so we can make arrangements with contractors. Please call the HIP program office for more information or with questions.

1. Download the survey below for your unit type (Block, Brick, Frame)

2. Complete the survey selecting from the available items

3. Return the survey to the HIP office including your updated contact information

4. You will receive a HIP Proposal for review and signature (required before any work can be started)

5. The work will be performed as early as late 2019 and no later than mid-December 2020.

6. Invoicing will be sent when the work is completed on all your selected improvements.