Historic Preservation Task Force


During a recent strategic planning exercise, GHI’s Board of Directors included an item to investigate “how to foster the preservation of historic elements for the GHI community.” The Board therefore wishes to establish an ad hoc Historic Preservation Task Force.  Guided by and adhering to the GHI Mission Statement, shown below, the task force will develop a proposed policy and plan for consideration and approval by the Board of Directors, as delineated herein.

GHI Mission Statement

Greenbelt Homes, Inc. is a cooperative that provides quality homes for our members and fosters opportunities for community. We will accomplish this by celebrating and respecting the historical legacy and ideals of the original Greenbelt plan.

We will maintain, protect and enhance the assets of our cooperative including the buildings, architectural design, open space plan (woods, walkways, playgrounds), while preserving the financial stability and sustainability of our cooperative community.

We will promote member diversity, member and community involvement, and education regarding our rights and responsibilities as co-op members.

We are the keepers of our property, and we have the right to expect that all of us will act responsibly to protect and care for that which each own and treasure together.


  1. The task force is established for the stated specific purpose, and shall complete its work within eighteen (18) months from the date of its inception, unless further authorized by the Board of Directors
  2. The task force shall consist of not more than seven (7) members, appointed by the President of the Board, who shall designate one member as a chairperson.  One member shall be a current member of the Architectural Review Committee.  Other GHI members shall be selected for task force membership according to their interest and expertise.
  3. The GHI General Manager shall appoint a staff member to serve as liaison to the task force; this staff member shall assist the chairperson in preparing for meetings, and in providing technical expertise and advice.


  1. Establish, publicize, and conduct a regular schedule of meetings, to be held not less than monthly, and which are open to all members.
  2. Recommend short and long term goals, objectives and projects for a historic preservation program within GHI.
  3. Review the design guidelines that are outlined in the Greenbelt Historic District Guidelines report (prepared by the Maryland National Park and Planning Commission in August 1999, and revised by Greenbelt Department of Planning and Community Staff in February 2004). Recommend which guidelines should be adopted for incorporation into GHI Member Handbook; provide rationale and justification for each proposed change.
  4. Identify and inventory landscape features and objects within GHI having historical interest or value that should be preserved.
  5. Solicit input from members regarding their ideas for historic preservation within GHI. Consider a community-wide survey for this purpose.
  6. Recommend or develop community education programs to enhance members' awareness of the need to preserve historic characteristics of GHI's homes and common areas.
  7. Identify sources fo financing, including grants, that will aid in achieving historic preservation goals and objectives.
  8. Report the progress of the task force towards completion of its goals to the Board of Directors, in writing, on a regular basis, but not less than quarterly.
  9. Prepare and submit a final report to the Board of Directors, detailing the task force's proposal for adoption of a policy and plan to foster the preservation of historic elements for the GHI community.
  • Aaron Marcavitch, Chair & Board liaison
  • Susan Harris
  • Stephen Oetken
  • Jennifer Stabler
  • Gregoor Passchier
  • Ben Fischler
  • Liz Werlwas
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