Homes Improvement Program

GHI Homes Improvement Program

Updated February 2018

Board Decisions Regarding the Homes Improvement Program (Board decisions not listed here can be found in the Board minutes) 

April 14, 2016 Special Meeting re: Maintenance & Replacement of HIP Optional Items:

1. The Board reviewed the report from Reserve Advisors re: proposed replacement & maintenance costs for HIP optional items, and accepted its maintenance and replacement fee recommendations.

2. The Board also decided:

a. To rescind the motion from its May 7, 2015 meeting, which stated that GHI would be responsible for the future maintenance and replacement of the optional items that are selected by members and installed by GHI during the HIP.

b. Maintenance and replacement of all HIP optional items will be the responsibility of the member, except for the following items:

  • Casement windows will be maintained, but not replaced by GHI.  Future replacements will be financed through contributions to the replacement reserve fund. During the next window replacement cycle, GHI will replace the casement windows in masonry homes with horizontal sliding windows unless members pay the extra cost to have casement windows.
  • Digital thermostat improvements will be maintained and replaced by GHI.  The initial fee will be $1.38/mo and increase annually at 2.41% for inflation. This amount will be added to monthly co-op fees for those members who choose digital thermostats.
  • Members may choose to maintain and replace mini-split heat pumps themselves or pay into a reserves program for GHI to maintain and replace them. The 2017 reserves fee starts at $59.17/mo for units with 1 or 2 indoor air handlers, $63.67/mo for 3 indoor air handlers, $70.84/mo for 4 indoor air handlers, and increases annually at 2.41% for inflation. This amount will be added to monthly co-op fees for those members who choose to have GHI maintain and replace their HIP-installed mini-split heat pump.
    • February 18, 2016 Board Meeting:

      • Board was informed that GHI would not be able to finance optional improvements, due to licensing requirements for lenders. Staff contacted GHI-approved lenders and found three that would offer qualified members Home Equity Lines of Credit for the HIP optional items. Each lender held a seminar open to members.

      February 4, 2016 Board Meeting:

      • The Board approved fee deferral agreements for crawlspace improvement fees.


        Current Resources

        Background Information

        Most GHI homes were built in the 1930's and 40's. In the 1980's, GHI undertook a rehab of the original townhouses that included major upgrades to many of the homes' components. After this costly rehabilitation of our homes, the Board of Directors decided to begin collecting replacement reserve contributions to fund the future replacement of most of these components of the homes. The result of the replacement reserves program is that many of the major components of GHI homes are already paid for by the time they need to be replaced. We are now at the end of the useful lives of many of those major components, therefore the Homes Improvement Program (H.I.P.) was created.

        The H.I.P. first includes mandatory improvements for all homes: windows, doors, siding, baseboard heaters, and crawl space improvements. All mandatory items except for the crawl space improvements will be paid for out the replacement reserves fund. The crawl space improvements will require a loan, which the membership authorized at its Annual Meeting on May 14, 2015. Click here for information on this loan and the estimated member payments.

        The Board of Directors also decided to offer certain optional improvements during the H.I.P., which members can choose to have done, at their expense. At the May 14th Annual Meeting, the membership also voted to allow GHI to obtain a loan to finance the members' optional work. This loan will be repaid fully by those members who choose to have optional work done.

        The H.I.P. work is proposed to be completed over the course of five years. Each year work will be done on 1/5th of each of the block, brick and frame home types. The general annual HIP Schedule is outlined as follows:

        Fall previous year: Exterior and Interior survey of cohort

        January: Contracts Approved, Costs set

        February: Option Surveys mailed to cohort

        Help sessions staffed by Buildings Committee and volunteers

        March: Surveys returned to HIP staff

        April: HIP work start

        December: HIP work completed

        The Survey contains all selections and Members will have the opportunity to decide what fee-for-service options, if any, they would like to have installed. 

         The Board continues to deliberate and make decisions about details of the H.I.P. Be sure to read GHI's weekly E-News for the most recent updates (if you are not already subscribed, sign up here).

         Member Choices

        Some information about choices members will have are provided below:





        6-panel, 0 Lite 4-panel, 2 lite 2-panel, 1/2 lite Full View (G/S Only)
        Door Color Choices
        REEB Color Palette Color Estimated Cost
        Alaskan Storm (White)   No additional charge
        Total Eclipse (Black)   No additional charge
        Java Bean   No additional charge
        Urban Dusk   No additional charge
        Deep Moss   No additional charge
        Royal Marine   No additional charge
        Mojave Red   No additional charge


        Siding Color Choices

        For two 1BR stacked end units, upper & lower units must agree on siding color. For four 1BR units, stacked around a shared stairwell, all units must agree on siding color.
        Off-white (tan)
        Light gray
        Dark tan
        Autumn Yellow