Homes Improvement Program

2008 - 2021 Homes Improvement Program is now completed!


The HIP included windows, doors, siding in frame homes, baseboard heaters, and several optional upgrades to increase the efficiency of GHI homes. Over 12,500 windows were installed, 2,660 doors, nearly 1 million square feet of siding, and over 8,000 baseboard heaters. Optional improvements included insulating over 500 attics and installing 500 mini-split systems. Nearly 500 units received wall insulation. And thousands of other options were chosen for comfort and convenience. Remarkably, over 1.8 million dollars in rebates were secured by GHI members. The HIP staff wish to express their gratitude to the members who supported this program through timely preparations of their units and the accommodation of frequent changes. Especially during the pandemic, we are grateful for their willingness to work together to safely complete the HIP.



    Background Information

    Most GHI homes were built in the 1930's and 40's. In the 1980's, GHI undertook a rehab of the original townhouses that included major upgrades to many of the homes' components. After this costly rehabilitation of our homes, the Board of Directors decided to begin collecting replacement reserve contributions to fund the future replacement of most of these components of the homes. The result of the replacement reserves program is that many of the major components of GHI homes are already paid for by the time they need to be replaced. We are now at the end of the useful lives of many of those major components, therefore the Homes Improvement Program (H.I.P.) was created.

    The H.I.P. first includes mandatory improvements for all homes: windows, doors, siding, baseboard heaters, and crawl space improvements. All mandatory items except for the crawl space improvements will be paid for out the replacement reserves fund. The crawl space improvements will require a loan, which the membership authorized at its Annual Meeting on May 14, 2015. Click here for information on this loan and the estimated member payments.

    The Board of Directors also decided to offer certain optional improvements during the H.I.P., which members can choose to have done, at their expense. At the May 14th Annual Meeting, the membership also voted to allow GHI to obtain a loan to finance the members' optional work. This loan will be repaid fully by those members who choose to have optional work done.

    The H.I.P. work is proposed to be completed over the course of five years. Each year work will be done on 1/5th of each of the block, brick and frame home types. The general annual HIP Schedule is outlined as follows:

    Fall previous year: Exterior and Interior survey of cohort

    January: Contracts Approved, Costs set

    February: Option Surveys mailed to cohort

    Help sessions staffed by Buildings Committee and volunteers

    March: Surveys returned to HIP staff

    April: HIP work start

    December: HIP work completed

    The Survey contains all selections and Members will have the opportunity to decide what fee-for-service options, if any, they would like to have installed. 

     The Board continues to deliberate and make decisions about details of the H.I.P. Be sure to read GHI's weekly E-News for the most recent updates (if you are not already subscribed, sign up here).

     Member Choices

    Some information about choices members will have are provided below:

    6-panel, 0 Lite 4-panel, 2 lite 2-panel, 1/2 lite Full View (G/S Only)
    Door Color Choices
    REEB Color Palette Color Estimated Cost
    Alaskan Storm (White)   No additional charge
    Total Eclipse (Black)   No additional charge
    Java Bean   No additional charge
    Urban Dusk   No additional charge
    Deep Moss   No additional charge
    Royal Marine   No additional charge
    Mojave Red   No additional charge


    Siding Color Choices

    For two 1BR stacked end units, upper & lower units must agree on siding color. For four 1BR units, stacked around a shared stairwell, all units must agree on siding color.
    Off-white (tan)
    Light gray
    Dark tan
    Autumn Yellow