II. GHI - Organization and Services

  1. Elected Officials
    1. Board of Directors

      A nine-member Board of Directors is the decision and policy making body of the Corporation. To carry out this function, the Board meets twice a month on Thursday evenings, except during the summertime when meetings are held monthly. The notice of meeting and agenda is posted on the bulletin board located on the outside of the administration building and on the web page calendar of events. Members are also informed of meetings through the Greenbelt News Review, the local newspaper. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend Board meetings.
    2. Audit Committee

      A three member Audit Committee, whose duties are described in the By-Laws, monitors the overall operations of the Corporation and reports its findings and conclusions to the membership in its annual report.
    3. Nominations and Elections Committee

      A five-member Nominations and Elections Committee nominates eligible members for positions on the Board of Directors and for positions on the Audit Committee. This committee supervises and certifies GHI elections and voting at membership meetings.
  2. Standing Committees
    1. The Architecture and Environment Committee is concerned with all aspects of GHI homes and yards including common areas, playgrounds, parking facilities, and additions and modifications to members' homes.
    2. The Member Activities Committee plans and arranges special GHI functions, and coordinates GHI participation in appropriate community affairs. It plans and is involved in affairs to welcome new members to the community and encourages participation in the democratic structure of the cooperative.
    3. The Finance Committee advises the Board on financial matters and policies and reviews the annual budget to make appropriate recommendations to the Board.
    4. The Woodlands Committee makes recommendations concerning management and preservation of GHI Woodlands. It annually reviews plans and effects changes as needed and advises the board of the benefits and drawbacks of various forest management practices. It encourages members to assist in the care of the Woodlands.
    5. The purpose of the Newsletter Committee is to produce an informative Newsletter so that the membership can keep abreast of the activities of the GHI Board of Directors and Management. It also encourages the membership to take an active interest in the corporation.
  3. Committees serve as advisors to the Board of Directors. Their role is to study specific problems referred by the Board or Management staff and to recommend solutions. Committees may also exercise initiative within assigned areas of responsibility and may recommend regulations, short and long range plans, programs, and policies. Committees usually meet once a month at the call of the chairperson and these meetings are open to all members. Committees are comprised of volunteers from the membership. Members interested in participating on committees are encouraged to contact the Member Services office. Currently, there are five standing committees: Architecture and Environment, Member and Community Relations, Finance, Woodlands, and Newsletter. A brief summary of their functions follows.

  4. GHI Offices and Services
    1. The Manager's Office is concerned with the overall management of the Corporation, including policy development, research and planning.
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    3. The Fiscal and Contract Processing Department receives and records members monthly charges, acts as the corporation's purchasing office, and pays all invoices. Members' first contact with GHI is through this department during their membership interview and settlement. The department processes all resales, subleases, and garage rentals. This department also is responsible for keeping an inventory of all supplies stocked and used in carrying out the day-to-day operation
    4. The Technical Services Department reviews the modifications to homes, yards, performs resales inspections, conducts engineering studies, and prepares and supervises contracts.
    5. The Maintenance Department handles all member requests for repair or maintenance service and implements capital improvement programs. Members' monthly charges cover repairs to the original structure and to those additions enrolled in the addition maintenance program. The maintenance office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After these hours, an answering service is available for emergency calls. Members are asked to call in for repair service as soon as the problem is detected. If the damage has been caused by the member, or failure of the member to report the problem, the member may be charged for such repairs. Tree trimming, removal of dead trees, and extermination services are also handled through the Maintenance Department. The department can provide other services to members on a fee-for-service basis.
    6. The Member Services Department offers members a personal contact for problems or concerns regarding GHI and/or services offered within the city. The department sponsors programs (such as discount purchasing), New Member Social meetings, and assists the Member Relations Committee in order to encourage members to become actively involved in the cooperative.
  5. Administrative control of the Corporation's business, including its subsidiaries, is exercised through a General Manager. To successfully carry out the various tasks and services associated with a large housing organization, the administrative functions are divided into several departments. The staff is always willing to assist member-owners within the operating policies of the Corporation.