IV. Care of the GHI Yard

    1. Walkways shall be maintained in a safe and proper condition. They shall be kept free of obstructions such as ice, snow, leaves, litter, and vegetation.
    2. All shrubs, hedges and other plantings shall be trimmed in an orderly fashion and not over hang walkways and the common area in accordance with Section V.D.4 and V.E.4.
    3. Plantings adjacent to walkways that have become so overgrown as to be unmanageable should be removed.
    4. Common area walkways in any unsafe condition should be reported to the GHI Maintenance Department.
    1. In replacing or adding shrubs and trees, consideration should be given to their potential size. Usually there are instructions on the tag, or available at the nursery. The roots of large shrubs and trees can cause considerable damage to the foundation if planted too close to the building. Eventual spread may obstruct walkways and become a problem. (See Section V for planting guidelines and recommendations.)
    2. Trees must be planted and maintained in accordance with Section V.E.
  3. LAWNS
  4. A lawn must be cut before it exceeds a height of 8" inches. Bare spots on lawns shall be resown and maintained.

    Alternately, a suitable ground cover, other landscaping, or mulch shall be placed and maintained to cover all bare ground and prevent erosion. (See Section V.I for recommended ground cover options.)

  5. YARDS
    1. Yard areas shall be neat in appearance and free of trash, debris and leaves. Leaves need not be raked in yards that are wooded and have no lawn, and in clearly defined flower beds. No trash, clippings, debris, etc. shall be dumped in common areas, woodlands, or curbside. For information on pick up call the City at 301-474-8004 24 hours a day.
    2. Yard tools, mowers, wheel barrows, toys, etc. should be neatly stored.
    3. Firewood shall be stacked neatly, six inches or more above ground, and at least ten feet from the building.
    4. Bee-keeping shall not be permitted on GHI property.
    5. Ornamental or minor pools that require electrical connections shall be properly wired to a GFI circuit. No interior grade extension cords may be used, nor shall extension cords be run through doors or windows.
    6. Poison ivy and other noxious plants must be removed.
    1. The depressed channels in which storm water flows through some members' yards is a part of the City's drainage system. In performing any yard improvement work, it is highly important not to change the grade level of the swale; otherwise a damming of water results. For help in determining the level of the swale, members may contact the Maintenance Department.
    2. Members experiencing ponding, wet areas, or other indications of swale interruption should report it as soon as possible to the Maintenance Department
    1. Trash containers shall not exceed 32 gallons and must have tight fitting lids and handles for lifting. Containers must be placed in a trash closet, trash container cabinet, or screened area on the side of the unit from which trash is picked up.
    2. Composting of yard waste is encouraged. Compost piles must be enclosed and be screened; by plantings or fences. Members who maintain more than one compost pile or a pile larger than 6' by 6' must request permission from GHI Technical Services staff who will consider yard size, proposed location, and proposed screening.
    1. A Cooperative representative may enter members' yards to perform necessary work, should the member fail to do so after appropriate written notification specifying the needed correction (see Section XIX). The member will then be obligated to pay for the required work.
    2. Additional information on yard care can be found in the green handbook in:


      2: Breakdown in Responsibility

      3: Minimum Maintenance Standards

      5: Plantings

      13: Swimming Pools and Ornamental Ponds

      15: Pets
    3. The GHI Architecture and Environment Committee sponsors semi-annual trash pick-up and leaf removal. The published schedule should be followed. Special trash removal is available during the year by calling the City at 301-474-8004. Trash must be left in the members serviceside yard until picked up.
    4. Members can be of assistance to the Cooperative if they will report common areas that need maintenance. Over grown shrubs, uneven walkways, etc. are sometimes overlooked due to co-ownership by the City and GHI. Maintenance crews may have to be instructed as to their jurisdiction.
    5. A map designating walkway responsibility is available for inspection at GHI.