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Friday, May 6, 2011

GHI Underground Utility Program
last revised Jan 28, 1999

When it becomes necessary to disturb members' yards in order to replace underground utility lines, GHI will take the steps necessary to restore yards to their original conditions as closely as is possible. This includes removing vegetation and landscape features for reinstallation, where possible, or purchasing and replacing new materials in consultation with members, in the following manner:

  1. Plants

    GHI will remove all plant materials in the work area. GHI requests that members store and water plants that are removed, until they are replanted. Plants will be subsequently reinstalled by GHI, after consultation with the member. In some cases, it may not be prudent to transplant original plants that were removed. In those circumstances, GHI will consult with members and purchase and install new plants that are readily obtainable from local nurseries. The quantities and sizes of new plants replanted will be at the discretion of the Director of Physical Plant Operations. Members are requested to care for plants that are replanted. GHI is not responsible for subsequent replacement of plants that do not survive due to a lack of proper care.
  2. Landscape Features

    GHI will remove all landscaping features (i.e. landscape timbers, decorative borders, patios) in the work area. Members are requested to store all landscaping materials that are re-usable. Landscape materials must be in a good pre-existing condition in order to be re-installed. GHI will re-install landscape materials upon completion of the underground utility project in accordance with GHI rules. In cases where it is not prudent to re-install original landscape materials that were in a good pre-existing condition, GHI will purchase and install new landscape materials after consultation with the members.
  3. Trees

    Large trees may have to be removed to accommodate underground utility work. In place of trees that are removed, GHI will purchase and plant saplings approximately 6' to 8' tall in accordance with the GHI Tree Policy Guidelines.
  4. Lawns

    GHI will restore damaged lawns by seed and straw and reestablish proper grade if it needs to be modified to enable proper drainage. Members are responsible for watering and subsequent care of lawn.
  5. Fences

    GHI will remove and subsequently re-install existing fence in accordance with GHI rules. The fence must be in good condition and of an approved style in order to be re-installed.
  6. Concrete Sidewalks

    All concrete sidewalks that are damaged will be temporarily replaced with stone aggregate. Permanent repairs will be made later during the community wide concrete replacement programs that are undertaken in the spring and fall of each year. Members are requested to report any problems with the original sidewalk so that design changes might be made.
  7. Timing of Yard Restoration

    Proper settlement of the ground must be allowed to occur for a minimum of 4 weeks after completion of the underground utility project, before yard restoration can be undertaken by GHI. This period of time may be extended dependent on weather conditions.