Long-Range Planning Committee


The Long-Range Planning Committee is empowered by the Board of Directors to study, discuss, and make recommendations on any issues affecting GHI's ability to continue providing affordable, high-quality housing for its members, along with offering any new facilities, services, or benefits the membership may approve.

Major Activities: 

The Long-Range Planning Committee may make recommendations on issues such as the following:

- Structures and infrastructure

- Finances, cost containment, and revenue generation

- Membership participation, marketing, and outreach

- External partnerships

- Legislative and policy considerations

- Leadership/Staff development and succession

- Technological advances.

Opportunites for Member Involvement: 

The LRPC shall involve and consult the general membership as approved by the Board of Directors; propose the establishment of task forces to the Board of Directors as needed; and report its conclusions to the Board periodically.

  • Jason Luly, (Co-Chair)
  • Charlotte Lake, (Co-Chair)
  • Ed James, (Board liaison)
  • Cynthia Newcomer
  • Ed James, (Board liaison)
  • Ben Fischler
  • Ralph Koziarski