Member Comments Requested: Proposed Design Help & Review Process & Revised Rules for Privacy Screens

Release Date: 
Apr 01, 2019

Member Comments Requested re: Proposed Design Help and Review Process and Revised Rules for Privacy Screens


On March 21, 2019, GHI’s Board of Directors reviewed a proposal from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) to implement a Design Help and Review Process for Built Privacy Screens that includes the following key elements:

  1. If a member proposes screening that is not allowed or is unsure about what he/she needs, the request would be forwarded to the newly formed Gardening Sub-committee of the ARC. Members of the Sub-committee would then meet with the member to problem-solve and recommend ways to address the member’s screening problem.
  2. The application would then be forwarded to members of the ARC for review, to be placed on the ARC’s consent agenda. There would be no need for the member to appear before the ARC unless requested by an ARC member.
  3. If recommended for approval by the ARC, the application would be put on a consent agenda for the Board of Directors’ approval without an in-person hearing (unless two members of the Board of Directors ask that it be taken off the consent agenda and put on the regular agenda for review).
  4.  If a member wants to apply for a screening solution that is neither allowed currently nor recommended by the Sub-committee, he/she could apply for it as an exception.

The Board also reviewed the ARC’s proposal for revisions to GHI’s Rules for Privacy Screens. The current rules are listed at The revised rules that the ARC proposed can be seen below:.

The Board decided that members should be given an opportunity to review and comment on the Proposed Design Help and Review Process and Revised Rules for Privacy Screens before they are finalized and approved by the Board. .

Members are encouraged to submit comments to the Manager’s office at Alternatively, comments may be submitted either directly to the receptionist’s desk at the Administration office or posted to the Manager’s Office at 1, Hamilton Place, Greenbelt, MD 20770.

Comments should be submitted no later than Friday, May 3, 2019.