Member Outreach Committee


The purpose of the Member Outreach Committee is to foster a cooperative spirit, encourage member participation in GHI, and provide avenues for member input on issues.  It does this through promoting member education in GHI and cooperative principles, organizing outreach to members , providing opportunities for member participation, recruiting and recognizing volunteers, welcoming new members and planning and conducting special functions.

Major Activities: 
  • Developing a plan for volunteer recruitment, training and recognition for committee members, court liaisons and special activity workers, including criteria for measuring success (in collaboration with Communications Committee);
  • Regularly surveying members to discover what types of community experiences they would like to have (social, cultural, educational) and what skills or expertise they might like to offer;
  • Maintaining a Court Liaison Roster for the use of management and other committees;
  • Promoting and facilitating a plan for member education in GHI cooperative principles and rules;
  • Scheduling information/education and social events such as new member socials and members picnic;

Planning promotional events, such as House and Garden Tour and GHI involvement in the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival.

Task Forces will be formed as needed to facilitate the accomplishment of the responsibilities listed, such as a Volunteer Recruitment  Task Force, a Special Events Task Force, a Member Outreach Task Force, and a Cooperative Education Task Force.  At least one representative of each Task Force will be a member of the Member Outreach Committee.

Special Interest Clubs Form

  • Stefan Brodd,
  • Daniel Seibert,
  • Denna Lambert, (Board liaison)
  • Aviva Glaser
  • Donna Peterson
  • Ed James
  • Maesha McNeill, (Staff Liaison)