News About Upcoming Yard Inspections

Release Date: 
Apr 17, 2019


Yard inspections under the 2019 Community Beautification Program (CBP) are starting the first week in May (approximately), and we expect to finish the first inspections within two months. The inspection form for the 2019 program can be seen here. This year we’ve tweaked the program to improve it in response to your questions and concerns.


Yards that have had no Group A deficiencies and no more than one Group B deficiency in each of 3 consecutive years will be inspected every 3 years thereafter, thereby rewarding those members for consistently upkeeping their yards in compliance with GHI’s minimum maintenance standards. For example, yards with no Group A deficiencies and no more than one Group B deficiency in 2019, 2020 and 2021, would be next inspected in 2024.

In 2018, 400 yards had no Group A deficiencies and no more than 1 Group B deficiency.


GHI has heard your complaints about particular items on the inspection form, and has clarified and limited deficiency items to what’s really necessary. For example, members will only be cited for shrub branches touching their units, if the branches are “obstructing maintenance.”

Members have also asked whether fallen leaves must always be removed from yards. To clarify, the inspection form and Member Handbook only require that leaves be removed from turf grass and walkways; leaves may be left where they fall in beds and woody areas.

Bare spot news! Because it’s so difficult to grow grass in the heat of the summer, members who choose to cover bare spots with grass seed will be given until October 1 to do so before GHI initiates the fee-for-service work to cover the spots. The inspector will issue citations for bare spots and later re-inspect yards during the fall to ensure that those violations have been corrected.

This year, text about house numbers has been added to the form for clarification. (Previously, that deficiency had been added in “Notes” by inspectors.) Per city law, numbers are required on service-side on all units. Units that face courts rather than city streets are also required to install them on the garden side. House letter and numbers can be obtained from the GHI warehouse, without cost to members.

Members may report deficiencies noted in member yards to the GHI staff any time, and such reports will remain confidential.
New Help on our Website
: A new page “Tips for Passing the Yard Inspection” at  contains more information about the deficiency items, how they relate to specific rules in the Member Handbook, and tips for passing.


  • Two Maintenance Dept staff were assigned to perform the CBP inspections in 2018.
  • 1,200 units had at least one infraction.
  • 124 units had 4 or more infractions and 102 of those members resolved the issues and passed final inspection. The remaining 22 units, some of which are vacant, will be inspected on a more frequent basis in 2019.
  • All member requests for time extension were granted.
  • All member inquiries were responded to by staff.