Nominations & Elections Committee Update

Release Date: 
May 04, 2023


The Nominations & Elections Committee (N&E) has nominated the following candidates for GHI offices in the election May 11 & 12 coinciding with next week's annual meeting. 

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (5 open positions, 2-year terms)

  • Sabrina A. Baron
  • Nancy Boyd
  • Zachary Conron
  • Chuck Hess
  • Claudia Jones
  • Paul Kapfer
  • Philip Larkin

AUDIT COMMITTEE (2 open positions, 1-year terms)

  • David Benack
  • William C. Jones 


  • Dan Gillotte
  • Theresa Henderson
  • Tom Jones
  • Joe Ralbovsky
  • Luisa Robles

All members are encouraged to vote in next week's election. The May 4 News Review will include biographical statements from candidates and information about the election. As in the past 3 years, voting will be held both online and in-person, including online after the annual meeting goes into recess the evening of Thursday, May 11, and in-person at the GHI office 4–8pm Friday, May 12.