Our Trails


click for a larger photoGreenbelt has a wide network of formal and informal trails throughout the wooded areas surrounding our community. Some of these trails connect various superblocks of homes, others join up with established trails on City land and wind deep into the Greenbelt Forest Reserve and Beltsville Agricultural Reserve.

Whether they are short or long, close to homes or totally secluded, what all these trail share is connection with the natural world that makes Greenbelt so special. On all trails, different seasons will offer different treats. Spring brings new wildflowers bursting with color, summer dense lush undergrowth, fall vibrant fall foliage, winter the opportunity to follow wildlife tracks and admire unique tree bark.

These trails require a regular inspection regime to correct problems such as fallen trees, eroded gullies, overgrown brush, and unwanted trash dumping.

To encourage more people to enjoy and respect our trails the GHI Woodlands Committee has established a volunteer Trail Walker Program and is working to establish more detailed information and maps about the trails in GHI and adjoining City land.

GHI Trail Walker Program

What is a Trail Walker?
Volunteer Trail Walkers help identify safety and trail enjoyment problems and lead to trail improvements that benefit the health and enjoyment of our woodland areas. Trail Walkers agree to periodically walk woodland trails and notify the Woodlands Committee of any problems they see. Occasionally, the Woodlands Committee will also organize special volunteer workdays to correct deficiencies.

How do Trail Walkers Report Problems?
To help facilitate reporting of trail problems Trail Walkers can download a Trail Walker Observation Form and drop off a Trail Walker Observation Form at the GHI Administration Building.

Hiking Trails in GHI

Trail parcel location start end distance buzz
Natural History Loop
E & D GHI Administration Bldg 44 Court Ridge Road ~1 mile A self-guided nature trail designed by Girl Scout Kristen Clemont.
Canyon Creek B common area by 58 Court Ridge Road This trail links up with many trails on city land variable An interesting trail that follows the headwaters of "Canyon Creek" and connects to many excellent forest areas.
{Presently Unnamed} W between 20 Court Hillside and 133 Greenhill Road 73 Court Ridge Road ~½ mile A nice walk through a largely intact forest ecosystem of mature oak and holly.


Woodland Parcels in GHI {FCMA Parcels}

  1. Parcel A - Behind Laurel Hill Road Courts 9-15 FCMA
  2. Parcel B - Behind Ridge Road Courts 56-62 and boarded by Plateau Place and Laurel Hill Road FCMA
  3. Parcel C - Behind Plateau Place Courts 2-12 and bordered on the south by Northway Road FCMA
  4. Parcel D - Behind Ridge Road Courts 42-48 and bordered on the north by Northway Road FCMA
  5. Parcel E - Behind Ridge Road Courts 36-38 and bordered on the South by Hamilton Place FCMA
  6. Parcel F - Behind Ridge Road Courts 30-34 and bordered by Hamilton Place and the path by Gardenway to Pedestrian bridge
  7. Parcel G - Behind Ridge Road Court 24 and Gardenway Court 4 and bordered by the path to the Pedestrian bridge and Greenridge House
  8. Parcel H - Behind Ridge Road Courts 18-20 and Southway Courts 7-11
  9. Parcel L - Behind Ridge Road Courts 2-6 and bordered on the east by Westway FCMA
  10. Parcel M - Behind Crescent Road Courts 1-7 and bordered on the east by the homes on Lakeside Drive FCMA
  11. Parcel T - Behind Woodland Way 1-3 and bordered on the north by Woodland Way
  12. Parcel U - Behind Hillside Road Court 7 and bordered on the north by Northway
  13. Parcel V - Behind Hillside Road Courts 11-19 and bordered on the south by Northway FCMA
  14. Parcel W - Behind Hillside Road Court 22, Research Road Courts 1-3 and Ridge Road Courts 69-73 FCMA
  15. Parcel X - Behind Research Road Court 2, Ridge Road Court 65, and Laurel Hill Road Courts 1-5