Portable Storage Container Form

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A member may be allowed to use his/her reserved parking space in a GHI court to place a portable storage container for one (1) week maximum in conjunction with a move-in/out or temporary loading situation. A form (obtainable from the Reception desk at the Administration Building ) providing information on the parking space identification and court, the reason for storage container use, and dates of placement in the parking space is required to be submitted to and authorized by the General Manager prior to placement of the container. Consideration will be given to safety factors and inconvenience to neighbors. In no case shall it be placed in a visitor's spot. Longer-term use of the reserved parking space for a portable container is not allowed, unless reviewed by the GHI Board of Directors. 

Placement of portable storage containers on City of Greenbelt streets requires that a right-of-way permit be obtained from the City prior to placement of the container. Written application for such must provide exact placement location, reason for storage container use, and reason for location in the right-of-way. Permits will be required to be authorized by the City's office of Planning and Community Development.