Prince George's County Homeowner's Guide to Permits Sheds

Sheds are primarily used for secondary storage and as small workshops. They are closed off and protected from the elements and generally can be secured to prevent access. Residential use sheds with floor plans less than 150 square feet can be placed on timber skids but must be properly anchored to provide stability and reduce susceptibility to overturning. Only one per lot is allowed without a permit. Structures that exceed the above limitations will require a permanent foundation and a permit.

If you intend to erect a shed that is less than 150 square feet, no building permit or plans are required (one per lot). In order to erect a shed that is greater than 150 square feet, you must obtain a building permit and submit site plans showing existing and proposed structure locations, including well and/or septic (if applicable). Structural plans are also required. Unless erected by the homeowner, all home improvement projects require a contractor who is licensed with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission.

The addition of electric service will require an application for an electrical permit by a master electrician licensed with Prince George's County. The homeowner may also elect to take the homeowner electrical test and, with a passing score, apply for the electrical permit.