Recommendation to Change Parking Rules to Accommodate Bicycles

Release Date: 
Jan 28, 2019

Member Comments Requested re: Recommendation to Change Parking Rules to Accommodate Bicycles

During the Board meeting of January 17, 2019, the Board of Directors considered a recommendation from the Bicycle Committee that ‘Bicycle’ be added to the definition of a Vehicle in the Rules & Regulations section on parking. The Board requested that GHI members should be given an opportunity to review and comment on the Bicycle Committee’s recommendation before the Board reaches a decision.

The Bicycle Committee’s proposal for modifying the parking rules to accommodate bicycles can be seen here. GHI’s current parking rules can be found here.

The Bicycle Committee’s position is that bicycles can meet the same requirements as motorcycles to be licensed and operable and that the City of Greenbelt, through the Greenbelt Police department, registers and licenses bicycles. The Committee recognizes that some members may take advantage of a rule change and use their garage for storage rather than for parking a bicycle.  The Committee suggests that the same procedure for dealing with this misuse of a garage under the existing rule may be applied under a revised rule. At present, the charge for using a rental garage for parking is $ 52 per month vs $ 108 per month for storage.

Members are encouraged to submit their comments on the Bicycle Committee’s recommendation to the Manager’s office at . Alternatively, comments may be submitted either directly to the receptionist’s desk at the Administration office or posted to the Manager’s Office at 1, Hamilton Place, Greenbelt, MD 20770. Comments should be submitted no later than Friday March 1, 2019.