Seeking Member Volunteers to Participate in a Pipe Repair/Refurbishment Pilot Program

Release Date: 
May 25, 2023


The waste water pipes in all frame homes, and waste water and water supply pipes in masonry homes, are approaching the end of their useful life. The pipes in frame homes and masonry homes are scheduled to be replaced or refurbished during 2024-2028 and 2030-2034 respectively. GHI proposes to undertake a pipe repair/ refurbishment pilot program in approximately two rows of block homes, two rows of brick homes and three rows of frame homes, beginning this year. All members in a building row must be willing to participate in the pilot program before that row can be selected. To date, fifty-seven members have indicated their desire to participate in the pilot program; however, there is only one row (a two-unit row of block units) that can be selected, since both members volunteered to participate in the pilot program.

On March 15, 2023, GHI’s Board of Directors decided that members who participate in the pilot program, shall be compensated as follows: 

  1. A credit of $110 per day shall be applied to the member’s coop fee account for each day they are unable to reside in their unit, including one day for moving out and one day for returning to the unit after repairs are completed.
  2. 2.    A credit of $500 shall be applied to the member’s coop fee account as an incentive to participate in the pilot program.

 The pilot program will provide the following benefits:

  1. Determine effective methodologies for replacing and/or refurbishing existing piping.
  2. Identify technical and process solutions to improve the outcome of the GHI-wide replacement/refurbishment project.
  3. Identify problem areas, both technical and member-related, and develop effective solutions.
  4. Accurately identify and control the cost of the work.
  5. Gauge and improve member experiences during the replacement/refurbishment process.


More information about the proposed pilot program can be obtained by reading the GHI Pipe Repair / Refurbishment Pilot Program report that the Buildings Committee prepared.

GHI staff is in the process of selecting rows of units for the Plumbing Pipe Repair and Refurbishment Pilot Program and invites members to participate in the program by filling out the pdf volunteer interest form below and returning it to Rean Seecharran, Technical Services, at 301-474-4161 ext. 1143 or