Storm Water Management Sub-committee


Storm Water Management Sub-committee – examining issues with storm water management.

Charge is to review current GHI rules and procedures relating to storm and ground water on our cooperatively-owned lands, and to recommend policy changes/improvements to:

  • Minimize/eliminate water incursion from the exterior into building crawlspaces
  • Foster best practices for ground water retention and reduction of runoff and soil erosion
  • Assure that GHI groundwater policies and practices are in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations
  • Monitor and follow opportunities for public funding of groundwater improvement projects that could benefit GHI and our members
Major Activities: 
  1. Identify and clarify the nature of storm/ground water problem(s) on GHI lands, both in member yards and in common areas
  2. Map problem areas
  3. Educate members
  4. Develop strategies for implementing improvements/remediations
  • Deborah McKinley, (Chair & Board liaison)
  • Ben Fischler
  • Beth Olsen
  • Jennifer Sparenberg
  • Tom Taylor
  • Peter May, (Staff liaison)