V. GHI Members as Citizens of Greenbelt

  1. Individual Citizenship Responsibility

    Community decisions, involving such matters as may be presented to the City Council, call for individual action by members as citizens. The Corporation cannot represent the interest of members unless (a) the Board of Directors determines that the corporate interest is affected or (b) a clear-cut majority opinion of the members is expressly available to the Board of Directors.

  2. City Government

    Greenbelt operates under a council-manager form of government. The City Manager is appointed by a five-member City council, elected every two years. The City Manager is also the chief public safety officer and supervises four departments: Administration, the municipal police force, Public Works, and Recreation

    The City of Greenbelt is patrolled by its own Police Department. The police have a sophisticated communications system to aid the staff in their duties. Additional services provided by the police are free bicycle registration; house checks on request if the resident notifies the department about an expected absence; escort service for residents during the day or late at night; the marking of valuables with a special device in order to identify them should they be stolen; and the provision of a home security check, crime prevention tips, information, and speakers.

    1. Public Works maintains the City's roads, buildings and parks and collects garbage. Trash collection services are explained below.
    2. The Recreation Department operates the Municipal Pool and Youth Center, tennis courts, and ball fields, and offers classes and programs in crafts exercise and fitness, and other programs of interest to the community.
    3. Greenbelt Cares offers a variety of services to youth, and their families. They provide crisis intervention, counseling, tutoring, job bank, GED classes, information and referral, a parents education group and a group for teens with their own concerns. All services are free of charge.
  3. Litter and Waste Materials

    Under City ordinance, it is unlawful to litter the streets, parks, parking areas, recreation areas, or other public or semi-public areas by discarding, dropping, or spilling thereon or therein any paper boxes, cans, bottles, refuse, trash, garbage, trimmings from lawns, hedges, shrubs or trees, or any fuel oil or lubricating oil. It is also unlawful to accumulate or store in open view to the public any brush, trash, building materials, waste materials from building or remodeling operations, debris, packing boxes, rubber tires, automobile parts, disabled or unlicensed motor or other vehicles trailers and the like.

  4. Collection of Trash, Garbage, and Recyclables

    The storage and handling of trash by citizens of Greenbelt is controlled by City ordinance. Waste containers must be kept secluded until the day of collection. Containers should not exceed 32-gallon capacity and should have tight-fitting lids. Containers must be kept in clean, safe, and sanitary condition and out of public view, preferably within the storage closet.

    Both garbage and trash may be placed in the same container. Garbage, sweeper dust, and small scraps must be wrapped in paper before being placed in the container. Hedge clippings, grass, leaves, etc., may be placed in sacks or boxes on top or in front of the containers.

    Since 1991, Greenbelt has had a mandatory recycling program. Newspapers, glass, plastics, and aluminum beverage cans are collected from your service side yard for recycling. A yellow container is provided for this purpose. Collections take place every Tuesday or Thursday depending on the court in which you live. For more information on recycling contact (301) 474-8004 or the Office of Recycling at (301) 925-5963.

    Special pick-ups for large pieces of furniture, mattresses, tree trimmings, packing boxes, etc., may be arranged by telephoning the City Office (474-8004). Any trash, even cuttings, is not permitted to be placed along the street, court, or public areas. Matters regarding waste collections should be discussed directly with the City Office.

  5. Bonfires

    Bonfires and burning leaves are not permitted under City ordinance without prior permission from the City Manager. This ordinance also covers the use of outdoor fireplaces. Outdoor cooking with prepared coals in grilles is not included in this restriction.

  6. Door-to-door Soliciting

    Solicitors for trade, etc., must show a City of Greenbelt permit to canvass Greenbelt Homes. Solicitors without the proper permit should be reported to the Greenbelt Police.

  7. Leaf Collection

    The leaf collection program generally begins on the last week of October. Leaves should be bagged and kept in the serviceside yard. City crews will collect the leaves from each member's yard. Only leaves should be placed in the bags, as they will be used for leaf compost.

  8. Community Resources
    1. Fire and Rescue
      Greenbelt has its own volunteer fire and ambulance service. By calling 911, residents are assured of swift emergency service by the department which is located on Crescent Road.
    2. Prince George's County Library- Greenbelt Branch
      Located on Crescent Road, near Center School and the Roosevelt Center Mall area, Greenbelt's library has an extensive collection of fiction, non-fiction, and reference material. In addition, members may order films including films for the deaf, and special audiovisual and large print materials.
      Special programs are frequently scheduled at the library. These include puppet shows for children, crafts programs, holiday decorating, seminars, and a full-length film feature series.
      A special Children's Room at the library enables youngsters to hear and see stories on audiovisual equipment, and play with puzzles, large wooden houses, and stuffed animals. Toys and records are lent as well as clothing patterns and pictures.
      The library has a large Meeting Room and a smaller Conference Room available to local groups for meetings. The Rexford Guy Tugwell Room at the library houses a special collection on cooperatives and Greenbelt's history and memorabilia. Showcases on the upper and lower levels change monthly and display the works of artisans, collectors, and craftsmen.
    3. The Greenbelt News Review
      The city newspaper, which is delivered free to all residents, is sustained solely by its advertising revenues. It continues to report strictly local issues with emphasis on City Council and GHI affairs.
      The News Review has been said to be the glue which binds the City together because Greenbelt residents are kept informed of events crucial to the community as well as events which interest and delight. The paper provides a forum for all factions to air their views. Indeed, the "Letters to the Editor" page is frequently enlivened with issues of particular concern to GHI members.
    4. Schools
      GHI is served by a primary school, Greenbelt Elementary School. After elementary school, students attend Greenbelt Middle School. For high school, students attend Eleanor Roosevelt High School, which boasts a Science and Technology Center. In addition there are a number of parochial schools in the area. Greenbelt Nursery School, Inc., a cooperative nursery school, was established in April 1941. It is the second oldest cooperative nursery school in Prince George's County. Other nursery and day care centers are associated with Mishkan Torah Synagogue, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Springhill Lake, and Greenbriar. The University of Maryland campus is only four miles away. Prince George's Community College is approximately 10 miles distant.
    5. Other Nearbv Facilities
      Albert "Buddy" Attick Park, lake within city limits 
      Greenbelt National Park, 1.100 acres off Greenbelt Road 
      NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt Road
      National Security Agency, Fort Meade
      Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, adjacent to the City