Washer Drain Repair

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Board approved Nov 21, 1993

The Board of Directors passed a motion setting up a long-term repair and improvement program intended to correct all deficient or improperly installed washing machine drains in GHI at no additional expense to the affected member. The following guidelines outline the conditions under which the program will operate:

  1. All washer drains which are found to be substandard (i.e., a health or safety hazard) at time of resale, will be corrected by GHI immediately at no cost to the member. Also, washer drains in homes where members have complained of plumbing problems will be corrected immediately, at no cost to the member, if a GHI master plumber certifies that a correction of the drain would relieve the problem. In addition, in homes where the member is undergoing a GHI approved renovation which includes a washer drain which is in any way deficient, GHI will correct the washer drain at no cost to the member, provided the washer drain will be reinstalled in the same location. The Board intends to budget funds sufficient to cover these costs.

    Washer drains which technically do not meet WSSC code, but are not immediate health or safety hazards at the time of resale, shall be so noted on the resale inspection report. They will be corrected by GHI as soon as practicable within the context of a regular improvement program.
  2. The Board intends to spend all funds budgeted for that purpose on washer drain corrections. At the Manager's discretion, staff would use all budgeted funds over and above those spent as designated in Item 1, to correct such problems in other situations in the following priorities:
    1. In homes of non-selling members whose pre-existing washer drain constitutes a health or safety hazard.
    2. In homes of non-selling members where washer drains are technically incorrect.
    3. In homes of selling members whose washer drains are technically incorrect.
  3. This program is intended to correct washer drains which were purchased in a deficient condition. No washer drain will be corrected by GHI at its cost which was created, in staff's opinion, by the currently residing member.
  4. GHI will repair or replace deficient washer drains only in the location where the washer and drain currently exist. The additional cost for removing or relocating a washer drain will be the responsibility of the member. In no instance is GHI responsible to provide or upgrade electric and/or water supply connections for washer drains.
  5. Structural repairs associated with the washing machine drain installation or repair provided at no cost by GHI include only drywall and plaster in the original location of the washing machine. The cost to include recesses or concealing pipes in the wall, unless otherwise impossible to route, is the responsibility of the member. All cosmetic repairs are the responsibility of the member, including but not limited to replacement of tile, wallpaper, painting, or other wall or floor treatments. Reasonable accommodation to members will be made by GHI if the appropriate materials are immediately at hand as provided by the member.