Website Task Force

Developing a new public website, and consulting on how to best use features of the new IT system as they concern members.


GHI Website Task Force Charge:

  1. Create a mission statement for the website.
  2. Recommend a strategy for the migration of content from the existing website to the Yardi property management system; specifically, determining the content that needs to be accessed by members, staff, and the Board through the member portal.
  3. Recommend a strategy for developing a purpose and plan for a public-facing website, which will include content for prospective members and other outside stakeholders. 
  4. Recommend a strategy for usability studies, content audit, information architecture, and goals for GHI’s public face.
  5. Recommend a website platform and technology for a public-facing website that is easy to use by multiple staff, cost effective, and offers seamless integration with Yardi.
  • Ken Shields (Chair)
  • Mary Roth
  • Olivia Guerrieri
  • David Frauenheim