Winter Storm Event Procedures


GHI will begin plowing and cleaning sidewalks once 4 inches have accumulated on the ground.

  • First Priority is given to removing snow from court parking lots (88 courts), GHI-maintained road surfaces and service-side egress sidewalks (approximately 2.3 miles of walkway).
  • Second priority is given to secondary walkways, gardenside walkways and other pedestrian egress (approximately 4.1 miles of walkway) once first priority areas have been cleared.


GHI staff is directed to plow courts as quickly and efficiently as possible.  GHI designates specific areas in courts to pile snow and avoid blocking sidewalks and vehicles.  Staff will do their best to pile snow in designated areas however, substantial snow events of 9 inches or greater may necessitate changes to snow plowing plans. The Winter Storm Supervisor will decide on modifications as warranted by severe storm event conditions.

GHI staff will apply ice melt products to court driving surfaces as necessary based on conditions once all snow has been removed. Priority will be given to driving surfaces with inclines and at intersections.


GHI staff is directed to clear primary egress sidewalks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once primary walks have been cleared, staff resources are directed to secondary walkways, as necessary. Clearing of secondary walkways may be moderately to severely delayed based on the depth of snow, icing conditions, and compaction from pedestrian traffic.

GHI will apply ice melt products to sidewalks as necessary but will prioritize non-chemical snow removal techniques (shoveling, plowing, and sand) to eliminate slipping hazards and minimize damage to plants, lawns, and water quality of our local lakes and streams.



When GHI plow trucks are clearing a court, members are encouraged to aid the process by moving their cars to facilitate the process of clearing snow from driving and parking areas in the court. Staff will make reasonable attempts to coordinate with members in a court to this end.

At all times, Members should avoid shoveling snow from walkways or cars into any portion of plowed streets or courts. Placing snow in these areas only hampers snow removal efforts, increases costs for all members, and creates a nuisance for other members or visitors to the Court (i.e. mail carriers).


Members are responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks within their yard boundaries, on both gardenside and serviceside. On shared walkways between individual units, responsibility is shared by adjacent neighbors.

Members are encouraged to lend a helping hand to neighbors who may be physically or otherwise unable to clear sidewalks.

Members are encouraged to use ice melt products containing Magnesium Chloride rather than rocksalt for concrete sidewalk areas. Rocksalt has a tendency to cause pitting in concrete surfaces thus shortening the life of the concrete.