Woodland Committee - Upcoming Projects

Release Date: 
Aug 22, 2019

Upcoming Projects:

Woodchip Project - The Woodlands Committee is piloting a wood chip project in the common area behind Ridge Court 57, north of the new playground and east by the inner walkway.  We’ll apply wood chips as a thick mulch where grass is growing poorly, in order to improve the soil and encourage development of long-term landscape plans.   We will also need volunteers to help with this project on a date to be determined.  If you would like to help, please let Lori Dominick - loriad33@gmail.com

Parcel X Trail Re-route - The Parcel X Trail (from the Hillside Road Tunnel and 5 Court Laurel Hill Road) is heavily eroded. This trail is a key pedestrian link between the Stream Valley Park path and GHI internal pathways, as well as a route to Greenbelt Elementary School.  The Woodlands Committee will be realigning the trail so that it would be subject to less erosion.  In order to do this, we will need to stake out new trail using flags or flagging tape, post signs on the trail, and notify the community and solicit input.  Then we will begin creating the new trail from the middle to the ends.  Once the new trail is complete, the old trail will be blocked and covered up to prevent use.  We will use brush and branches that are in the area to cover the old trail;  we do not plan on using any type of fencing or permanent markers.  There may be some signage until people get used to the new trail. Creating the new trail and blocking the old trail will be accomplished through several workdays. 

Woodlands or Greenspace Caretaker Program: If you have a favorite trail or common area that you would like to maintain or help maintain, please consider applying to be a Woodlands or Greenspace Caretaker. 

Woodlands Caretakers agree to take responsibility for maintaining a specific trail or trail section, or parcel or part of a parcel. The scope of activities will be defined as part of a letter of agreement and could include removing litter, cutting back brush obstructing a trail, improving the trail tread, removing specific invasive species, and other activities to protect and conserve the GHI woodlands and their enjoyment. Similarly, Greenspace Caretakers agree to care for one of the existing GHI rain gardens or pocket gardens. The degree of involvement will be defined by a letter of agreement between the person or group and GHI. This program is concerned with existing gardens. Any new gardens would require approval through the Pocket Garden Program.  For more information on the Woodlands or Greenspace Caretaker Programs, please visit: https://www.ghi.coop/content/caretaker-activity-agreement-ghi-woodlands-or-greenspace.

Opportunities for Member Involvement: 

Members are welcome to participate in the Woodlands Committee meetings, which are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the GHI administrative building. Meetings are open to all GHI members and the general public. Membership is open to any GHI member. Activities, projects, and meetings are generally free and open to all interested individuals.