X. Improvements, Alterations & Additions

Below is a list of definitions as used in these regulations:

  • ALTERATION - Any change made to a home's original structure or systems (i.e. remove a wall, add lights or a clothes dryer circuit), including the addition of insulation.
  • ADDITION - Any living space outside the home's original walls which has at least partial solid walls and requires a continuous foundation
  • ADJACENT NEIGHBORS - Units in the line of sight of an improvement, alteration or addition to a particular unit.
  • ADJOINING NEIGHBORS - Units that share a common party wall with a particular unit.
  • IMPROVEMENT - All additions, alterations, decks, and major landscaping which alters yard drainage

    All improvements must be in conformance with all applicable GHI regulations. The following are specifically prohibited:

    1. Treehouses.
    2. Fences, gates, and clothesline across any walkway which is designed to serve any other member's home or garage.
    3. Clotheslines on the gardenside of a frame or masonry building except where each member in that building, plus all members living in the facing building, agree to change the approved location of clotheslines from serviceside to gardenside. Clotheslines on the street side of the larger townhomes.
    4. Vent pipes run on the exterior of any building.
    5. Signs other than display of occupant's name and address or temporary signs such as campaign posters.
    6. Removal of paint from brick homes by sandblasting, blasting with any other abrasive media (e.g. grit, glass bead, oxide, corn cob, pumice, plastic, walnut shell, dry ice, etc.), or high-pressure waterblasting (greater than 400psi).
    7. The use of urea-formaldehyde foam for insulation.
    8. Any addition to single-bedroom frame apartments.
    9. Any addition to living space in the larger townhomes.

    The following are considered minor improvements and do not require working authorization forms from the Technical Services Office. Blanket approval is granted to members provided the work is performed under the conditions stated. Any questions regarding the conditions listed below or any code regulations hereinafter mentioned can be answered in the Technical Services Corporation Office.

    1. Interior painting and decorating, including wallpapering and carpeting.
      1. Floor Coverings
        Except for bathrooms, which require a GHI permit, blanket approval is granted for renewing and recovering asphalt tile and linoleum floors with new floor covering materials including carpeting; linoleum; asphalt, rubber, vinyl, or ceramic tiling; or wood flooring.Condition: Removal of original flooring (e.g., old tile or wood floors) requires prior advisory consultation with the Technical Services office.
      2. Wall Coverings - Bathroom and Kitchen
        Blanket approval is granted for tiling of wall areas in bathroom and kitchen.
    2. [removed]
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    4. The installation of stationary metal, wood, or plastic shutters provided that design and paint colors are compatible with the housing unit and maintenance is provided by the owner.
    5. Children's playhouses, if they are not larger than fifty (50) square feet, no higher than six (6) feet, and the floor is level and on grade. They should be painted, stained, or sided to blend with their surroundings and screened with natural foilage if not placed adjacent to the house.
    6. Interior finishing of basements (original or changes to existing) is NOT considered minor improvement, and requires written approval via permit request.
    7. [removed]

    It is required that a report of work performed under the following blanket approval be submitted to the Technical Services Office for permanent record and for your protection in the event of fire loss. If any substandard conditions are discovered in floors or walls when removing old coverings, the member must report the deficiency to GHI Maintenance (474-6011) immediately. New covering shall be installed only after any floor or wall repairs have been completed by GHI.