X.F. Gardenside & End Additions

Gardenside & End Additions.  As discussed in Section C, complete, detailed plans of the proposed addition shall be submitted by member for approval of Technical Services, based on full compliance with these rules and with current building codes. Below are some requirements that pertain to garden side and end side additions. The “service side” of a GHI home is defined as that yard area that faces a parking area, public street, or sidewalk thoroughfare.  The “garden side” is that yard area on the opposite side of the home from the service side, typically facing park, playground or common green space.  The “end side” of a GHI home, applicable only to homes at the ends of housing rows, is the yard area at the side of the home with no original egress door.

  1. The maximum square footage of the addition is limited to the square footage of the original structure and shall not exceed one-half the distance between the original building and the yard line. Consideration must also be given to the view, sunlight, and air circulation of each neighbor affected.
  2. Additions to the gardenside of the building must extend to the dividing partition between units or leave not less than five feet. (This is to prevent the occurrence of very narrow alley ways between additions or adjacent additions.) If a member builds an addition to the dividing partition, then the adjacent member could build onto the common wall. Therefore, serious consideration should be given before windows are placed on common walls.
  3. In accordance with the Prince George’s County Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zoning (NCOZ) Ordinance enacted April 1, 2022, the area of the proposed addition, when combined with the accumulative area of all existing additions, cannot exceed 60 percent of the gross floor area of the original dwelling unit as constructed.  The height of the proposed addition shall not exceed the height of the existing dwelling unit. Alterations, expansions, enlargements, or extensions shall maintain the roofline of the existing unit.
  4. The exterior building color shall be compatible with that of the main structure to which the addition or enclosure is attached. The exterior building materials shall match the main structure or adjacent additions or shall blend with the surroundings. (See section D-12 for rules on Vinyl Siding.) Roof covering material shall comply with §X.D.13.
  5. Windows shall conform to requirements in X.N.2. Doors shall conform to requirements in X.N.3.