X.G. Serviceside Additions for Frame Homes

These standards have been established to set a general policy governing the construction of serviceside additions to GHI frame homes. Layouts and details for Board-approved serviceside additions are available in the Technical Services Office.

  1. The maximum addition coverage (gross area) shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the serviceside lot area. (Measured using the width of the unit times the serviceside yard depth.)
  2. The maximum depth of the addition shall not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the distance as measured from the serviceside of the building to the edge of the yard in front of it or seven (7) feet, whichever is less.
  3. The addition must be set back from a common use sidewalk a minimum of six (6) inches.
  4. Serviceside additions shall be limited to the first floor only.
  5. The roof lines of an addition should be of the same type as the original structure or blend with the existing lines. In no case shall an addition have a higher roof than the original structure.
  6. (deleted by Board action, 2003).
  7. Exterior treatments shall be compatible with the existing main structure to which the addition is attached. Siding shall match the existing siding on the unit. Roof shingles shall match the existing main roof. The foundation shall be compatible with the existing foundation or be adequately screened from view.
  8. If a serviceside addition is to abut an adjacent addition, both additions are to be of the same style and compatible with each other.
  9. All servicesides must have a mailbox, trash enclosure, and outside light, regardless of design.
  10. Windows shall conform to recommendations in X.N.2. Doors shall conform to recommendations in X.N.3.