XI. Exterior Painting


    GHI painting policy encompasses both trim paint and wall paint. Trim includes all exterior items which will deteriorate without protection - primarily wood and metal surfaces. This includes exterior doors. All trim surfaces must be protected from weathering. GHI will paint the trim of the original unit on a regular basis. GHI will paint the siding of additions on the addition maintenance program if the siding is an acceptable material (X.D.12.) for exterior walls and maintenance painting is needed. If members decide to do their own trim painting at the scheduled time or desire to paint more often, GHI will supply gray, white, or brown trim paint at no charge, provided that the painting is completed satisfactorily in a timely manner. Painting of trim on additions is the member's responsibility (unless the addition is under the addition maintenance program).

    Members may paint their brick, block, or mineral sided home at any time provided that they use paint of a color approved and specified in these regulations. The twenty nine larger homes may not be painted. Vinyl or aluminum siding on any GHI home must not be painted.

    Once brick, block, and mineral sided homes have been painted, it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the wall paint is kept in good repair. Flaking and peeling paint is not an acceptable condition and the corporation will enforce this standard.

    The approved paint colors (listed below) have been selected so that all colors harmonize with each other. Members should choose a wall and trim color which will be compatible.

    1. Choice of trim colors will be from the following approved colors: for masonry homes, there are fifteen (15) approved trim paint colors - the twelve (12) exterior wall colors plus forest green (only on a plain white house), dark brown and black; for frame homes, there are nine (9) approved trim paint colors - the seven (7) vinyl siding colors plus dark brown and black. For frame units and block units covered in vinyl siding improved during the Homes Improvement Program, trim paint shall be limited to colors that match the siding, black and white.
    2. Entry doors are excluded from the approved color restrictions, and can be painted any color; if the desired color is not on the approved color list, written approval of neighbor(s) is required. Trash closet doors are not included in this exclusion, and must be painted an approved trim color.
    3. Trim paint in gray, white, or, dark brown or black only will be furnished to individual members free of charge by GHI (under conditions specified above).

    1. Brick and cinderblock homes were painted when originally built, and all cinderblock and most brick homes were painted under the Corporation's rehabilitation program. Those brick homes not painted may be allowed to revert to natural brick through weathering. Previously sandblasted brick walls may be sealed with a clear sealer in accordance with the requirements set by the GHI Technical Services Department. Cinderblock structures must be repainted as often as necessary depending on the amount of fading, peeling, and discoloration of the particular unit (as determined by periodic GHI inspection).
    2. p. 65-05

    3. Listed below are the approved exterior colors for brick, block, and mineral sided homes:
      Plain White, Homestead White, Navajo White, Platinum Grey, Ivory English, Ivory Sunbeam, Yellow Light, Buckskin, Sandrift, Redwood, Wedgewood Blue, Lynchberg Green
      Information on where to purchase these paints can be obtained by contacting the GHI Technical Services Office.
    4. Members are free to choose any approved wall color independent of their neighbor's choice. Members are urged to consult their neighbors and to plan wall color choices together.
    5. The demarcation line between units shall be the downspout, change in elevation, set-back lines, etc. Where no architectural means of demarcation now exists between contiguous units, and members wish to paint different colors, some means must be employed to paint a straight line between units. Off-set walls are considered to be the responsibility of the members whose unit they enclose.
    6. The demarcation line between overlapping homes in a masonry building (where dividing common wall is not a straight line but is off-set) will be at the edge of the original porch roof line on the gardenside or as agreed upon by involved members.
    7. All garages in a row attached to a house will be painted a single color; this will normally be the same color as the unit to which they are attached.
    8. Proper preparation of the wall surface prior to a painting is essential. Although difficult and not immediately rewarding, time spent in preparation is the most important single aspect of a successful paint job. Cleaning with low-pressure powerwashing (up to 400psi) and then hand-tooling of the surface before the application of primer is recommended.


    Enforcement of the painting regulations shall be the responsibility of Management and the Board of Directors; and will be implemented through a regular inspection program. If a member fails to repaint after having been notified by GHI that it is necessary, GHI will have the unit repainted and charge the cost of repainting to the member.