XIII. Swimming Pools and Ornamental Ponds

    1. Pools less than twenty-three (23) inches deep and less than twelve (12) feet in diameter may be purchased and used without Corporation approval.
    2. Ornamental ponds less than twenty-three (23) inches deep and less than twelve (12) feet in diameter may be dug in the yard provided they do not interfere with the yard swale or drainage. Care must be taken to keep these ponds clean so they do not become areas for mosquito breeding.
    Any pool, including outdoor hot tubs or spas, over twenty-three (23) inches deep or twelve (12) feet in diameter will require approval. Maximum depth will be thirty-six (36) inches. Swimming pools are required to have approval by the Board of Directors; ponds, hot tubs, or spas may be approved by staff.
    Regulations governing 23" to 36" depth and over 12 foot diameter pools (prior approval must be obtained from Management):
    1. No pool can be installed which interferes with natural drainage.
    2. Swimming pools must be enclosed by protective fences around the pool or around the yard where the pool is located. Hot tubs or spas must be protected with a safety cover in compliance with the local building code; use of a barrier fence for hot tubs or spas requires specific approval by the Board of Directors.
    3. Liability insurance protection must be provided and evidence of such coverage must be provided to Management before installation of the pool. This insurance must remain in force during the life of the pool.
    4. A pool cover must be installed at all times when the pool is not occupied.
    5. Provision must be made for use of a filter to conserve water.