X.J. Porches

A porch is an addition attached to the unit that is not heated.  Written permission from GHI is required for all porches.

In addition, the following guidelines are applied to porches:

  1. No heating or air conditioning is permitted.
  2. Floors are not insulated.
  3. Floor covering, floor framing, and wall framing must be rot resistant. Gable ends must either be enclosed or be fully screened if part of a screened porch..
  4. Floors must be constructed to create proper drainage away from the unit foundation.
  5. Screening under the floor is recommended to avoid insect infestation.
  6. No opaque exterior walls above 36 inches are allowed.
  7. Where transparent materials are installed to protect screens, they must not exceed 36 inches from the floor.
  8. See Section D.13 for information on acceptable roof types and materials.
  9. Proper drainage from the porch and unit must be provided and maintained.
  10. Skylights may be used to allow for interior daylight per X.N.2.a.
  11. Electrical provision may be made for waterproof receptacles and for lights and/or fan.  The circuit must be protected on a GFI circuit.