X.J. Porches / Covered Decks

Written permission from GHI is required for all porches. A porch is distinguished from an addition in that it may not be made into a habitable room. This is demonstrated by the following features:

  1. Pier footings only.
  2. Floor may not be insulated because it is open to the weather. Floor boards are to be pretreated and should be spaced to allow for drainage.
  3. No exterior walls of any height or construction are allowed. Gable ends should be enclosed.
  4. Underside of ceiling joists or rafters may be covered with plywood or a suitable material to avoid insect infestation.
  5. Skylights may be used to allow for interior daylight per X.N.2.a
  6. Electrical provision may be made for waterproof receptacles and for a ceiling light and/or fan. This circuit should be protected on a G.F.I. circuit.
  7. No provision may be made for heat.
  8. The piers (if wood is used), floor system and columns should be pressure treated structural grade lumber, minimum 40 pound retention constructed over a polyethylene vapor barrier. Periphery beams in breast, ceiling joist, and rafters should be structural grade lumber to code. See Section X.I - Decks.
  9. Drawings are available through Technical Services for details on the construction and finish.
  10. Roof type and covering shall conform to that of the main structure unless otherwise excepted.
  11. Screening optional. There are a number of ways you may screen your porch.
    1. One of the cheapest ways is to use screen doors with removable screens set in aluminum frames. This facilitates replacing damaged screens without removing the door unit. The wood frame is also easier to paint when the screen is removable.
    2. Screen frames may be built in permanently and then screened. This may be accomplished by stretching and stapling directly to the frame. An alternative method is to have aluminum frames made professionally and screwed to the frame. The alternative method makes repairing and repainting of the permanent installation more accessible.
    3. Screens may be covered with plexiglass on the inside to reduce damage to the screen and for weather protection, up to 32" from floor.
  12. Finish - Exposed flat surfaces shall be covered in aluminum trim stock
  13. Space below the porch shall be enclosed with lattice and nailed to a wood frame. (See details) This is to keep trash as well as animals out.
  14. Proper drainage from the building must be maintained.