XVIII. Provision of Information

Article VIII, Section 6 of the Bylaws states in part, "The books of the Corporation and all matters relating to fees, contracts, costs and other transactions shall be open to inspection…by all members of the Corporation at all reasonable times and under reasonable regulations established by the Board of Directors."


    Greenbelt Homes, Inc. is a very open organization. Its Bylaws provide that members of the Corporation may attend meetings of the Board of Directors, except executive sessions, to the extent physical facilities permit. By tradition time is allocated on the agenda in which members may address any subject not on the agenda. Thereafter, they may address any topic as it is considered by the Board during the meeting. Advisory committees of the Board hold open sessions. The Member Complaints Panel holds closed meetings to protect the privacy of the member(s) involved. Members are encouraged to serve on committees. Annual reports including the auditor's annual report are distributed to all members. The annual financial statements are available at the annual membership meeting and upon request. The GHI Newsletter is delivered to all members. Open hearings are held on the budget. From time to time, other reports are made to members and other open meetings are held. Staff members spend many hours in any year providing information to members or clarifying information possessed by members.

    The requirement and, going beyond that, the tradition of its being an open organization is a characteristic of Greenbelt Homes, Inc. that must be preserved, but not abused. These regulations are intended to accomplish both.


    It is the purpose of this regulation to prescribe how and under what circumstances information shall be made available to members for the Corporation pursuant to the authority vested in the Board of Directors by Article VIII, Section 6, and to indicate what information will not be furnished to members of the Corporation.

    1. "At all reasonable times" shall mean at the times during regular office hours of the Corporation.
    2. "Member of the Corporation" shall mean any member except a member of the Board of Directors, an Audit Committee member, and a staff member whose duties require him/her to handle Corporation records.
    1. Up to any reasonable number of current reports and other documents that have been prepared in multiple copies shall be made available to any member of the Corporation at the office of the Corporation at all reasonable times so long as the supply lasts.
    2. Documents and records are not available in multiple copies shall be open to inspection by any member of the Corporation at the office of Corporation at all reasonable times. Should a member of the Corporation request a photocopy of any such document or record, photocopy shall be made for a reasonable fee per page; such requests shall be made to the office of the General Manager.
    3. Staff members will be available for a reasonable period of time to answer questions or otherwise assist the member of the Corporation in understanding the material requested by him/her consistent with the staff member's performance of his/her other duties.
    4. Should it appear to a senior staff member that a member of the Corporation is requiring too much time to answer a request for information, or is requesting essentially the same information repetitively, or is making an inordinate number of requests for information, that staff member shall so report to the General Manager.
    5. On receipt of such report from a staff member, the General Manager may authorize the staff member to spend up to one hour in assisting the member of the Corporation of he/she may ask the member of the Corporation to submit his/her request for information in writing to the Board of Director's.
    6. The Board of Directors may direct that the member of the Corporation receive the assistance he/she request with or without charge. Should there be a charge, it shall be sufficient to defray the salary and related costs of the staff member or members involved calculated in increments of one hour, plus appropriate photocopying charges, if any.
    1. Not available for inspection by a member of the Corporation are --
      1. The file (or any other information that specifically identifies a particular member or unit) of any other member of the Corporation except on the written authorization of that member or as discussed in open session at a Board meeting.
      2. Personnel files including, but not limited to, information which discloses any individual employee's compensation.
      3. Executive session minutes of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee, Nominations and Elections Committee, and any subcommittee of the Board of Directors.
      4. Materials relating to any matters under litigation.
    2. Requests for information from a contractor or subcontractor by any member of the Corporation will not be honored by such contractor or subcontractor, but will be referred to the General Manager for appropriate disposition.