XX. Exceptions to Regulations

  1. All exceptions, which are granted by the Board of Directors to GHI regulations, must be adopted by motion. An exception shall exist for the life of the modification unless motions have explicit limitations indicating when the exception shall retire. Motions must also indicate a time frame in which the exception must be acted upon. If the unit is sold prior to action on the exception, the exception is not transferred to the new occupant. Requests for such exceptions shall be presented in writing at least ten (10) days prior to the Board meeting and will not be considered by the Board without prior consideration by Management. The request should state from which regulation the member is seeking an exemption and why. If neighbors are affected, a written statement from the neighbors on the issue should be included. Management may refer the matter to the appropriate committee for its recommendation before presentation to the Board. Board approval of exceptions to regulations requires discussion at two separate meetings unless all of the following criteria have been met:
    1. The request has been considered by a GHI standing committee that has recommended that the exception be granted,
    2. The Board of Directors has received all materials relevant to the request in ample time to review these materials and/or visit the site prior to the Board meeting,
    3. The exception is being granted as presented, without substantive change, and
    4. No Board member objects to taking action on the exception request at the first meeting at which it is presented.
  2. All exceptions to regulations relating to structures and surrounding premises, which are granted by the Board apply only to the item in violation and not to any replacement. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  3. All exceptions by the Board will be recorded both in a special administrative file and in the member's file which is maintained by the Unit Data Bank. The member's file shall also contain a copy of any agreement relating to the removal or maintenance of such items. The member shall receive copies of any exemption or any agreement signed by him/her.