XXII. Miscellaneous Policies

    1. All meetings must be scheduled with and approved by the Member Services Office and will be limited to a single reservation for one function. Organizations meeting on a regular basis must call for each reservation not more than two weeks prior to each meeting.
    2. The committee or group calling first will have first priority.
    3. Thursday nights are reserved for the GHI and GDC Board meetings.
    4. The room may be used by --
      1. The GHI Board of Directors
      2. All GHI committees
      3. The GDC Board and committees
      4. GHI membership for GHI business
      5. Local civic organizations for business meetings
      6. Other co-op organizations for business meetings
    5. No alcoholic beverages may be served or used on the premises without prior approval by Management.
    6. The group reserving a room will name one individual who will be held responsible for turning off lights and air conditioning and seeing that doors are closed and locked.
    7. The County fire Marshall has approved the capacity of the Board room as being suitable for groups of not more than 40 people.
    8. Each group using a room will be responsible for cleaning up afterward.